Sunday, October 30, 2011

Opening Night

The first blog post is almost as exciting as writing an entry in a new journal. Almost. Except I am less excited about typing than choosing which pen to use in my journal.

Today was busy in a good way. Mara woke up waaaaay too early, then went back to sleep. Then she woke up only kind of too early, and we stayed up. Family breakfast, then home. Instead of cleaning, I chose to knit. It seemed like a better idea. Oh, I did laundry - that is sort of like cleaning. 

1pm - the exciting part of the day started. Children dressed, self dressed, Stephen awake. Everyone in the car (except Bex, who was already gone at dag) and on our way! Stephen dropped me at BN and took the kids to the library. I went to the Starbucks, got a chai latte, and: Knitting meeting! It's the third weekend I've gone to the NKY S&B group, and I love it. It is so nice to get out of the house and have non-baby time. I worked on Stephen's sock - it's almost done. I definitely won't have it at next week's meeting. It was a quiet meeting; more knitting than talking. That is not a bad thing, just different from the previous meetings I've attended.

On the way home we stopped by Dollar Tree - they had Peaches & Creme yarn. I've been wanting to make reusable cloths for my swiffer for a while, and this gave me the excuse. (As if I need an excuse to indulge my compulsion to create...) I worked on the cloth while attending an online book club. It was the first meeting of the book club, and I personally am pleased with the conversation that went on. It wasn't very organized, but it was fun. We've decided to meet once a month, and we are gathering ideas for our first book. I voted The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn, but other people in the group read sci fi and alterna-history books, so we will probably not go with that one.

After months of wanting people to hang out with, I've found two groups in a matter of weeks.

I need to go to bed now. Stephen's work is having a meeting tomorrow, and employees are supposed to bring their families, so I need to have the kids ready for that. Also, I need to finish Gabriel's costume so we can Trick or Treat tomorrow night. I will leave you with a picture of my partially completed cloth: