Friday, June 1, 2012

June: Finish it or Frog it

My goal for the coming month is to have less Unfinished Objects around. The two best ways to take care of this: finishing or frogging. Officially, I'd like to frog all the items in this post, and finish four WIPs.

The WIPs in the running for finishing:
Sock Yarn Wrap
This has to be done by the end of the month.

Mandi's socks: two pair
Ideally, I will finish both pairs by the time I go visit Michigan at the end of the month. But I will finish one for sure. The all purple pair will be done by then; the cool spectrum pair might not be.

Slippers for Mer
I'm using yarn that I salvaged from my secondary mom's sweater to make a pair of slippers for my best friend. I plan on giving them to her for Christmas.

Spa Goodies
I am hosting a spa-themed bridal shower for one of my best friends at the end of June. We will be playing party games. I want to make 20 assorted pieces as prizes.

Items for frogging:
Swiffer Cover
One of my first pieces of flat knitting, it is too big for my swiffer and slides around. Since I can't use it, I will frog it and make a new cover.

Mara's slippers
She didn't really like them, and now her feet are bigger. I will frog the yarn and use it to make squares for the schuyler blanket project.

Christmas socks
The heels on these socks are too big, and the ankle is too small. I will be frogging these, then remaking them.

Gabriel's Hat
This was my first attempt with striping in a hat. Somehow I messed up the stitch count on the first several rounds, so there is a huge bump at the back.