Thursday, May 31, 2012

May WIP -> FO wrap up

So... how did I do this month?

Aprons for Haiti - click here and scroll down a little to see how they turned out
Baby cable rib socks for Nos - Click here to see the finished product.
Sparkly Arm Warmers - click to see the shininess!
Belly dancer skirt/belt for MariLee - Click to see the first FO of the month
Pig Purse - Click to see the adorable piggy bank inspired purse

That is FIVE FOs! An extra one! Yay!

So... what about the rest of the list?

My list of (still) WIP:

Sock yarn shawl - Though the shawl more than doubled in size, I still have a long way to go. This will be my focus piece this month (even though I have a ton planned - come see me tomorrow to find out more!)

Quilt for Steve I sewed several squares together, but have many more to go. Good thing this is a Christmas present...

Blue Baby Blanket I did not even touch this. No worries, though - I am taking part in an event on that will require me to finish a WIP in less than 17 days. This is my pick!

Bathroom rag rug I barely even looked at it this month. I think this project will have to wait until summer has passed - it is very hot to work on.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wrist Warmers

With this post, I surpass my goal of four FOs this month!

Melissa's arm warmers are done! I almost thought it wouldn't happen, what with Mara pulling out my knitting needles all the time, and trying to "help". I CO on October 6, and just BO this morning. Some of the reason for the project taking such a long time is the yarn I used: Patons Lace Sequin in Onyx. The yarn is really fine, which makes it not ideal to work with while sleepy, and the black necessitated that I only work on it with good daylight (I don't have a really good artificial light source in my home). Heavily overcast days were no good (read: winter).

The pattern itself was pretty simple, though. If you like the way these arm warmers turned out, you can find the pattern on ravelry: Crazy Ribs Fingerless Gloves.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Two FOs and new WIP

I know, I said only small projects between FOs. But I couldn't not have a pair of socks on the needles, so... I started a new pair. First things first, though: two FOs.

Socks for Steve. I LOVE this yarn. It is Patons Kroy Ragg Shades. The colors and texture remind me of some flannels I used to wear in middle school. I plan on buying more and making a pair for myself, someday...

11 half-aprons for Craft Hope Project 17:Aprons for Haiti. It is really hard to give up two of them: The floral pattern with blue pockets, and the blue paisley background with the green pockets. But I have no need for a half-apron, and I try really hard not to have useless stuff just because I want it.

* * *

Now the new WIP. My sister sent me money to make her socks. I bought enough yarn to make two pairs of socks. A couple days later, I saw other yarn that I thought she would like even more. I let her choose which two she wanted.  

There I was, minding my own business, kitchner stitching up the toe to Steve's socks, when this yarn started taunting me. "Come play with me," it said. I tried to resist, but I was powerless against it's charms. So I CO Saturday night, and worked on it at S&B on Sunday. I haven't touched it since, but I keep looking at the sock. I know it is just waiting patiently for this Sunday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My first fiber festival and a new skill

Saturday I went to the Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival. It is the first time I have been to a fiber festival, and it was pretty great. I road tripped there with a couple ladies from my S&B group, and another woman I'd never met before. It turns out she is the moderator of a spinning group on

I worked on the sock yarn wrap on the drive both ways, while talking with and listening to the other ladies. Lorain (our driver) and Diana (the woman I had just met) talked about all sorts of fiber-y goodness things. They discussed dyeing fiber with both chemicals and natural dyes, and different types of spindles. They talked about wheels, and fiber processing. I learned a lot about the processes that happen before I get to play with yarn.

At the festival, Diana and I split from Lorain and Vickie (another newbie knitter). We walked past a booth where a man was carding some wool. Diana and I stopped, and she explained what the man was doing. He asked if I was a spinner. I told him not yet, and he asked if I would like to try his wheel! I was a little hesitant, but Diana took my bags and practically shoved me at the chance (in a good way). So I tried the wheel. Instant LOVE!

Of course, that was my first attempt at spinning, and even though I really liked it, I wasn't willing to drop $600 (at least) on a wheel to see if I actually love it. Especially since I didn't have $600. I wasn't even sure I wanted to drop money on a spindle, since I didn't know if I would be any good at it. Lucky for me, Lorain goes around to 5th and 8th grade classes and teaches students how to spin, so she offered me one of her student spindles (approximate cost: $1) and some vintage fiber that she doesn't use anymore. I jumped at that offer. She said she'd bring it to knitting the next day.

I held back making any purchases until I walked through all the booths, so I wouldn't make a purchase I would regret later. I ended up only buying one thing:
Gorgeous sock yarn. This yarn is joining the stash of  "just for me" sock yarn. Someday, I will be able to knit a pair of socks for myself. I hope. If I ever get all the other socks done.

Sunday, Lorain brought me the spindle and fiber, and I learned how to spin! Not bad for a first attempt. My goal is to spin at least 10 minutes a day for the next month (or until I run out of fiber) to see if spinning is something I actually want to pick up.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

FO: Pig Purse

FO #2: This awesome pig purse a friend requested! I know it wasn't on the original list, but... I did start it before the first of the month. So I'm going to count it.

She wanted a messenger bag to carry her coupon folder in. She liked the idea of having a piggy bank on the flap, since her coupons save her lots of money. I think it turned out pretty adorable. The body of the purse is black with a pink band around the top. The strap is pink. The flap has the pig.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Due to a fairly yucky occurrence over the weekend, my life has been a little bit derailed. I think it is starting to get back on track, though. I hope to have a real update in the next couple days.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Belly Dancer Belt

After more than two years, MariLee's belly dancer belt is finally done! The entire thing is sewn and embroidered by hand. I used running stitch to do hems and attach the ties, and chain stitch between the coins and buttons.

Keep in mind that MariLee is several inches shorter and in general tinier than me. The skirt will fit across her hips better.
Now that it is done, I want one for myself... I guess I'll add it to my list.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swap Shawl Received!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! dancing My long-awaited shawl package is here! Remember the first knitted shawl? This is the shawl my partner made for me in return. 
Gabriel was very excited, of course. He said “What is it? Get a sharp, hurry!” Who can argue with orders like that?
I cut the first piece of tape, and the most delicious smell hit me! That just made me more excited to open it. And this is what I found:
In the Water 
A project bag, lovely yarn, the pattern for the scarf, handcrafted sage and citrus soap in a little bag, a retractable tape measure, a gift bag full of teas, a pack of thin mints, and a recipe book!
Gabriel scooped up the “blanket” and is wearing it around. Since he won’t let me model it (yet), I took a picture of him wearing it.
Finally got the shawl away from him.
In the WaterIn the WaterIn the Water

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May: Whipping WsIP to FOs

Since I did such a good job having a theme in April, I think I will try having a theme for May, too. This month I will turn at least four of my Works In Progress into Finished Objects. That is one project done a week. Probably doable. Especially since I am giving myself a rule: I can not start a new project unless I finish a current WIP. This means only ONE new project for each project finished. Even little projects count.

My list of WsIP:

Sock yarn shawl This is for a swap, and it has to be done by the end of May. ETA: June. I just asked my partner for an extension. She is making a similar shawl, and she is nowhere near done, either. It is 6 feet wide, and will be 18 inches long when done. It is 1.5 inches long right now...

Aprons for Haiti For more info, visit here. I have 11 half-aprons cut. I need to get something for the ties - I'm thinking 3" ribbon. They need to be sent out by May 31st.

Quilt for Steve Seriously doubt this is going to be on my list of FOs at the end of the month, but hopefully I can make pretty decent progress. Almost all the pieces are cut, so now I'm working on sewing the squares together.

Blue Baby Blanket I started making this for a friend of my SIL, but then she had a girl. So I made a pink blanket instead. This one has been sitting next to my craft are for several months now. I keep looking at it, then deciding I am not interested. If I have a deadline, though... maybe I can talk myself in to finishing? It's a little over 25% done. 14/50 inches

Sparkly Arm Warmers Arm warmers for my friend Melissa. She bought the yarn for them back in September! These should probably make it on to the list at the end of the month... The first warmer is up to the thumb gusset.

Bathroom rag rug More than half done! I wanted to finish it last month, but... it is a bigger project than I originally thought. If I knock out a little bit everyday, though, I should finish it by the end of the month.

Baby cable rib socks for Nos Started these socks on April 22. It would be good if they got done this month, since I have 10 other pairs of socks to make people by Christmas, and I would eventually like to make a pair for myself. I have yarn for three pairs for me just waiting... ETA: My sister just sent me some money to knit her some socks, too... So depending on how fancy of yarn she wants, I will be adding 1-3 more pair(s) to my list of socks to do.

Belly dancer skirt/belt for MariLee Need to finish up the detailing. I should have finished this about two years ago, but I couldn't find appropriate coins. Maybe I can find some now? Or I can just change my original design...