Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May: Whipping WsIP to FOs

Since I did such a good job having a theme in April, I think I will try having a theme for May, too. This month I will turn at least four of my Works In Progress into Finished Objects. That is one project done a week. Probably doable. Especially since I am giving myself a rule: I can not start a new project unless I finish a current WIP. This means only ONE new project for each project finished. Even little projects count.

My list of WsIP:

Sock yarn shawl This is for a swap, and it has to be done by the end of May. ETA: June. I just asked my partner for an extension. She is making a similar shawl, and she is nowhere near done, either. It is 6 feet wide, and will be 18 inches long when done. It is 1.5 inches long right now...

Aprons for Haiti For more info, visit here. I have 11 half-aprons cut. I need to get something for the ties - I'm thinking 3" ribbon. They need to be sent out by May 31st.

Quilt for Steve Seriously doubt this is going to be on my list of FOs at the end of the month, but hopefully I can make pretty decent progress. Almost all the pieces are cut, so now I'm working on sewing the squares together.

Blue Baby Blanket I started making this for a friend of my SIL, but then she had a girl. So I made a pink blanket instead. This one has been sitting next to my craft are for several months now. I keep looking at it, then deciding I am not interested. If I have a deadline, though... maybe I can talk myself in to finishing? It's a little over 25% done. 14/50 inches

Sparkly Arm Warmers Arm warmers for my friend Melissa. She bought the yarn for them back in September! These should probably make it on to the list at the end of the month... The first warmer is up to the thumb gusset.

Bathroom rag rug More than half done! I wanted to finish it last month, but... it is a bigger project than I originally thought. If I knock out a little bit everyday, though, I should finish it by the end of the month.

Baby cable rib socks for Nos Started these socks on April 22. It would be good if they got done this month, since I have 10 other pairs of socks to make people by Christmas, and I would eventually like to make a pair for myself. I have yarn for three pairs for me just waiting... ETA: My sister just sent me some money to knit her some socks, too... So depending on how fancy of yarn she wants, I will be adding 1-3 more pair(s) to my list of socks to do.

Belly dancer skirt/belt for MariLee Need to finish up the detailing. I should have finished this about two years ago, but I couldn't find appropriate coins. Maybe I can find some now? Or I can just change my original design...