Monday, April 30, 2012

April Stash Bust: The tally

This month, I have stash busted the following:
-Several sheets of newspaper to make starter pots for my garden
-A handful of t-shirts to make one rag rug, and a blanket to make a second
-Fabric to make a My Little Pony tote with a matching crochet hook holder, and a hot pink tote
-Half a pair of jeans to make a door snake
-A few ads from a magazine to make envelopes
-A juice bottle to make a clothes pin holder
-Candle scraps and broken/used birthday candles to make new candles
-A ton of baby clothes: for the door snake, and the third rag rug, which is half done

So how did I do, compared with the goals I made at the beginning of the month?
 I did not buy a single new craft item! I didn't buy anything but groceries and my Sunday chai. I finished two rag rugs, and two bags! Double the original pledges. I will take the month as a success.

Next year, though, I will do better. I'm sure I can have a better list than what is up now.

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