Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Decorating Envelopes: Part Two

For some reason I woke up before 7am. I lay in bed for a while, trying to tell myself sleep was good. No deal. I waited for the kids to get up. Didn't happen. So what was I to do? Make something, of course!

I have seen some pictures of envelopes made from magazine pages. So I googled envelope folding, and decided I was too lazy for all that nonsense. So here it is, my one-cut envelope how-to.

One-Cut Envelopes
Magazine advertisements
Scrap paper (optional; to make a place for the addresses)


1.Cut your magazine advertisement in half hamburger style. (Yep, it is too early for me to figure out lengthwise vs. width-wise.)
2. Fold the ragged edge down, leaving an inch of the bottom layer showing.

3. Using just a small line of glue, secure the sides closed. Fold the leftover inch down to create a flap. 
Note: You could be done at this point. I chose to make address labels.

4. Cut rectangles of scrap paper (just large enough to write an address on). Glue one each to the front of the envelopes.

Ta-da! The envelopes are made. I made 8 in less than 20 minutes, including gathering all the supplies.
Envelope fronts                                                            Envelope backs

12 of 52 envelopes done.

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