Sunday, April 1, 2012

Starting a Garden!

A couple weeks ago, I picked up some organic seeds while grocery shopping. I got snap bush bean seeds, sugar snow pea seeds, zucchini seeds, and cucumber seeds. They sat there in their little envelopes, just looking at me. Yesterday we went grocery shopping, and I picked up some potting soil. I almost picked up some pots, too, but then I remembered a tutorial I saw right around the time I picked up my seeds. So instead of buying pots, I made some.

Using black-and-white newspaper (the colored stuff can contain lead) and a baby food jar, I followed the newspaper pots video posted by Michele of Michele Made Me. Brilliantly easy and quick. Then the fun with Gabriel began. He walked in as I was starting on the last tray of pots.

Gabriel was in charge of putting soil in the pots. He was successful - most of the time. I moved the trays to the counter, and we planted some of our seeds. (I have extra of all of them except the zucchini - would anyone like some?) Gabriel kept calling the trays boats, and trying to get flour to pour into them. He helped put the tags in each of the pots, and then he really thought they looked like boats. I topped the pots off with soil, but he watered them himself.

After that, I washed out a can from the kids' mandarin oranges (a delicious part of lunch). I bent the edge of the lid all the way around, and punched holes in the bottom - an aside: This should have been an obvious moment, but it was not. I fought in vain with a screw driver, trying to puncture holes, before the a-ha moment happened. Then I grabbed the can opener. Yeah, a total duh moment, I know. After that, we crumpled up some paper, tossed it in the can, and covered it with soil. Then we stuck the stubs from some green onions in, and put in a little more soil.

The results? Our boats turned into a plant train!

And the April Stash Bust bonus: I didn't buy pots; Gabriel and I made them from random stuff.

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  1. way to go Heather and Gabriel! So nice to see your little window garden. :)