Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hot Pink Tote

 A purse I had cut out to make for a friend, but hadn't worked on. I grabbed it down, brought out my sewing machine, and finished the bag. This bag is made completely from materials I had in my stash.

Also, the outside fabric is my favorite fabric EVER. My high school art teacher let me take the whole bolt of the fabric (about 3 yards) from the classroom stash. I used it to make the first purse I ever made, which is now hanging in a shadow box in my room because my favorite band my senior year of high school signed it and wrote "Happy Birthday" on it. (Thank you, Pooks, for taking the purse with you to the band's meet and greet and telling them my birthday was the following week.)

Finished measurements:
opening - 15" across
bottom - 13" across
10" deep
3" wide

Features of the purse:
-Two straps
Clockwise from top right:
-Interior zippered pocket, 8"x4" (I used a zipper from a baby hoodie I cut up to make the shag rag rug); closed
-Interior cell phone pocket, 4"x3"
-Divider that is half the height of the purse

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