Friday, April 13, 2012

A pictural tour of my last few days

Never fear, I have been making awesome stuff the past few days. I just haven't gotten around to blogging about it. Until now, of course. 

First up, a swiffer cover. I FINALLY used up the last of my disposables last week (because it would be silly to just throw them away, or something...). I made a swiffer cover a few months ago, and received one a few days later, so I had two. Ideally, that would be enough: one for the kitchen, one for the entry/bathroom. Launder, then reuse. Great. Until I don't do laundry for a couple days (sometimes the babies and I make very little laundry) and the swiffer covers are still dirty when I need them. This happened, so instead of doing laundry when there wasn't enough to make a full load, I decided to stash bust. You might remember that I mentioned buying a bunch of cotton yarn in my first entry. I grabbed a ball and improvised the cover below. it is made with alternating rows of hdc, sc tbl. Gabriel thought it was so cool that he did the swiffering for me. 


Then I made a crochet hook holder for one of my awesome blog readers, to go with the My Little Pony tote.


Then there was middle of the week grocery shopping, and I picked up some clothes pins for the lines I have in my backyard (even though I am not supposed to dry clothes outside; I think that is a silly rule). My mom gave me the clothes line and some plastic clothes pins at a baby shower I had when I was in my last trimester with Gabriel. After more than three and a half years, only one plastic clothes pin remained. (I snapped it this morning when I tried to use it to hang up a pair of jeans).Well, I needed something to hold my new bamboo clothes pins. Conveniently, Gabriel wanted some juice, which emptied the bottle. 

To make the clothes pin holder, I removed the label from the bottle. Then I cut one of the sides to make a flap (cutting three sides of a rectangle, and leaving the top attached) using a box cutter. Then I stabbed two holes near the top with the box cutter. Using a tapestry needle, I threaded yarn into the holes and tied knots to secure the ends. Then I hung it on my clothes line. 

So far, it works great. When I want a pin, I grab one through the flap. When I am ready to put all the clothes pins away, I unscrew the top and drop them all in. It's so easy, Gabriel figured it out all by himself.

I also decorated some envelopes using colored water and sprinkling them with my fingers. 18 of 52 envelopes decorated.

I also finished making Becka's garb. I think the dress turned out really well, especially since I didn't use any sort of pattern at all. Too bad all my hard work will be hidden under her armor :(

Now I am working on the third rag rug. Below is what it looked like last night. Today, I have covered about half of one of the rectangles. My plan is to finish one rectangle every two days. If I manage that, it will be finished before the end of the month! Expect a long blog post full of pictures when it is done!

Also, a garden update: all my pots have sprouts! Yay!

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