Thursday, November 3, 2011

Of Yarn and other things

I joined Ravelry just over a month ago, and I'm pretty much obsessed with it. Currently I am a part of 3 swaps - a sock yarn shawl swap, a granny square swap, and a holiday recipe swap. Of course, it couldn't be as simple as that. The sign up for the shawl group is until Nov 15. The lady in charge pairs people up shortly after they sign up, though, because a shawl can be a big task. I signed up early October. I messaged my partner. No answer after 9 days, so I sent another message. Still no answer. The tenth day, I messaged the moderator. She gave me a new partner. I messaged the new partner. No answer for a week. Sent another message. No response. Day 9, I messaged the mod again. She assigned me a different partner, but told me that she would have the newest partner message me, that I shouldn't make first contact.

Ok. So the wait. Not bad, the next day. But I had TWO messages in my inbox. 2nd and 3rd partner both messaged me. So I messaged the mod to let her know. I told her I was fine to partner with both of them, but she told me that a new person was in need of a partner, so she took away 3rd partner. I'm kinda sad, because 3rd partner is from Farmington Hills, MI. Even though I know it doesn't matter, really, I liked the idea of having a partner sort of from home. Now I'm waiting for 2nd partner to get back to me on some specifics...

My other two swaps' partners are on top of things, though. My recipe partner and I message each other once a day, which is nice. She is a 20-something, married, in Georgia. I feel that if we lived nearby, we'd hang out and knit/crochet together (she does both, too). Ok, so I have a bit of an e-crush on her. Not like creepy, or anything, but I get a little spark of happy when I see that she wrote me back. My squares partner is in Texas. I picked up yarn yesterday to make her squares, so I'll be starting on that shortly. I don't have to send anything out until December, but I'm too excited to wait!

Finished a couple of projects in the last couple days. I know you are dying to see them.
Stephen's socks. I'm pretty proud of them. I figure if I keep pushing the complexity of pattern in each sock I do, I will be able to make the socks I want for myself at about pair 7. So... who would like some socks? :P

Swiffer cover. I followed the pattern, but it seems a little big. I'm going to make another one using smaller needles and see how that works out.

I really want to make a sock yarn blanket. It takes a lot of sock yarn, though. I don't want to buy yarn specifically for it, though. I want to use leftovers from other projects. Which means I need to make a TON of socks. Rox is going to send me her leftover scraps of sock yarn, so that will help. I know she makes several pairs a year.

I made a square out of cotton, too. I'm thinking of making a cotton blanket using the sock yarn pattern so I can have a summer weight blanket for sitting on my back porch.

Onto other things...

I'm about halfway through my paper journal! How exciting! I'll be sad when this one is full, but I've got about 10 waiting to be started. Of course.

Mara figured out straws over the weekend. Yay! She hasn't quite gotten down swallowing the last mouthful before letting the straw go, though...

I'm sure there was more non-yarn stuff... Oh, well. I'll just put it in later.


  1. I will make you more. But... I might need your help with the purchasing of sock yarn. It's not toooooo expensive, especially since I get coupons all the time. However, I have a small yarn allowance, lol. Also, I'd like to know what colors or patterns you would like on your socks. Ravelry has a TON of patterns you could look at. (Try to go with free or cheap ones, please)