Thursday, November 17, 2011

ADD brain... GO!

Progress on the Christmas countdown:

Melissa's scarf:
Thanks for the inspiration, Dollar Store Crafts.

Rox: All squares are embroidered. Need to piece everything together.
Mer: Finished another square.
Pooks: Another row added.

So. Steve asked what I wanted for Christmas. I sent him a short list via text, at his request. Then he asked me if I had sent the list to anyone else. Really? I gave you a list of 5 things... no, I did not ask someone else for the same things. What am I supposed to do with 2 tea kettles?

Onto scarier news... Steve went to the podiatrist yesterday because his foot has been bothering him for weeks. The doc gave him a narcotic and some steroids to help. (Steve on narcotics = me back in high school all over again... ugh.) The doc also wrote him a script to get blood work done because he might have gout. Great... I hope it's not gout for completely selfish reasons: I don't want to listen to him complain every time he has a flare up.

Tomorrow I plan on editing a washcloth pattern drastically. I need to add 20 rows (it is only 54 rows). I want it to be the same size as the chick washcloth. It will be the first time I really edit a knitting pattern, but I have faith. I edit crochet patterns all the time, so this should be fine. Right?

I have started Mara on the road to being less of a slob than, say... her dad. She picks up dirty clothes off the bathroom floor and puts them in the laundry basket. I taught her yesterday. And today, she picked up a dirty sock that fell short of the laundry basket in my room, and put it in. I appreciate that both of my children are willing to help clean. Though, Gabriel is going through the obnoxious phase where he rebels all the time, but occasionally forgets he is in the middle of pushing boundaries and just does what I want. I try to take advantage of his lapses.

I love Pintrest. I keep trying to find things to pin, so my boards can be more awesome. I need to get more people to follow... Also, I am totally baffled as to how people are repinning from me. How are they finding my stuff?

P.S., the snowflake square went over very well.


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