Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swaps and Christmas Prep

I got my first swap package! My partner sent me the requisite squares and post card, and also a handmade coin purse, a swiffer cover, a little word search book and a small stationary set.

Here is my Christmas work list. First, the completed projects:
Steve's socks, see older posts. 
Becka's hat, no picture right now. Same with Thommy's. (They are the same pattern)





Jas and Kim - pot scrubbers:

Now the works-in-progress:
Mandi's blanket has 7/15 rows together. These are the 2 outside edges; I'm working my way in.

MariLee's quilt - 7 patches left to embroider. To see patches in detail, go here. (Titles will be added tomorrow.)

Dianna: It's going to be a pillow. I just have to figure out what to do for the back and buy/make an interior.

Rox - forgot to take pictures before it got dark. 2 patches left to embroider, then putting it all together.

Seri - afghan. Also didn't take pics of that before it got dark. In the piecing stage.

Presents to start:
Melissa's Scarf
Recipe books for Jasmine, Kim, Phil
Bane's beanie

Need to figure out something for dad... and Gabriel. And Dennis. Am I forgetting someone? I think so.

Probably just going to buy candles for Bryan, because I am lame. Not as lame as he is, though...

Also, when Gabriel is leaving someone he says "Bye, take care". He picked it up from our server at Sunday Breakfast. She always says it. I always feel like I have more to say, but then I wait until I am too tired to actually write. Maybe next time...

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  1. I totally made a girlie scream noise when I saw Lala's; they're INCREDIBLE!!! I like the boys', too. And my blankie is awesome.
    Bryan IS lame.
    Dennis likes Xbox crap. Or make him PJ bottoms.