Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My first knitted shawl

It is done! My first big knitting project is done! The pattern I used is In the Pink by IzzyKnits. It is definitely an intricate piece, but it isn't hard. I had to put the project down a few times while waiting for my brain to catch up with the pattern, but that was usually when I was trying to knit after I should have been sleeping.

This project brought a lot of firsts:
-I'd never made a knit shawl before
-I'd never done lace before at all
-I hadn't used lace weight yarn before
-I had to learn a circular cast on, how to bind off purl stitches, how to do a knitted cast on, p2tog tbl...

Now comes the hardest part... Giving the shawl up! After working on it for 3 months, I am getting ready to send this shawl away. I made it as part of a swap on ravelry, and I am hoping to send the package out sometime next week. The one thing that makes it easier to give this shawl up is that I will be receiving a gorgeous shawl in return. I can't wait to show what comes for me in return!

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