Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter, and an Easter-Inspired Sewing Project

This weekend, the babies, the boyfriend and I went to the boyfriend's mom's house. Much fun was had by all: Friday we had a bonfire, Saturday we went shopping and to an amazing park, this morning we went to church, and this afternoon the kids participated in their very first Easter egg hunt! They made out like bandits.

The egg hunt was really nice, because there were only five kids involved, ages 10, 6, 3, 3, and 18mo. The two oldest weren't allowed to pick up any eggs from the ground, and the 3 year olds were steered away from the patch of ground Mara was scouring. She did pretty well - as soon as I showed her to put an egg in the basket I was holding, she got excited to put more in. At one point, she squatted down to look harder at the ground. So cute!

Top Pic: Easter baskets after church

Left Pic: Mara with her hair clip in her face

Right Pic: Mara with their combined eggs

Onto the Crafty Portion!

DIY Door Snake
I made one of these for myself a while ago, but was inspired while going through some stained clothing to make one for my sister. (Pooks, I am giving this to you for Christmas.) Mine works really well for my front door, and her front door is much more drafty. Hope she likes it!

An old pair of jeans
Old t-shirt(s) to cut up - I used stained baby clothes

Marker - fabric friendly, if you have one
Straight pins
Sewing machine, or a needle - I made the first door snake without the use of a sewing machine

1. Figure out what word you want on your door snake, and pick out an appropriate amount of fabric. I decided on "Family", and went with yellows, greens and blues.
2. Cut a 7" wide (from the seam) strip from the pair of jeans, from ankle to waist. Make sure to cut through both layers of fabric.

3. With marker, draw your letters on the desired fabrics. Make sure to draw them backwards, so the marker doesn't show. Marker may bleed through - the highlighter did on the "m". A fabric marker is best if you have one.
4. Cut out the letters and arrange on the pant leg. Pin them down once you like the placement.
5. Sew the letters to the pant leg - through only ONE layer of the pant leg. I used a zigzag stitch for  effect, and purple thread for contrast, and also because it is my sister's favorite color. Remove pins.

6. Put the pant leg right sides together. Pin one short side and the long side. Sew these two sides. Remove pins.
7. Turn the door snake right side out. Stuff with stuffing. This is the step I am at with this door snake, because I plan on stuffing it with fabric scraps and old, broken clothing (like socks that have no partner). 
8. Pin the last side closed. Sew. Remove pins.
9. Put in front of a door and relish the fact that cold/hot air can no longer attack you!

 Note: You could easily applique over holes in jeans to make this project.

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