Thursday, April 5, 2012

A love affair with my sewing machine

I have a new sewing machine. My girlfriend bought it for me last week (before my stash bust started) as a bribe to get me to make her a costume. It has been out of the box since that first day, but I didn't touch it until last night. I threaded a bobbin, threaded the needle, and we were off! I pulled down one of the bags I said i would finish this month, and went to work.

Gabriel and Mara were both immediately enthralled. They sat at the table watching me sew pieces, turn them right side out, fiddle with pins, and put almost the entire thing together. I did everything except attach the straps last night. I finally stepped away from the machine when I realized the kids should have been put to be half an hour before.

This morning, I woke up excited to finish the purse. I got dressed, got the kids breakfast, and sat down to pin and sew the last pieces onto the tote. 15 minutes later (maybe less...) I had a bag done! This leaves me with a problem, though... I originally cut the tote for a charity collection, along with five others, but ran out of hand-sewing steam at the sixth. So now I have a bag sitting around with no purpose. I would just use it, but... it's not quite my style. I don't want to hold on to something I'm never going to use...

The finished bag

Close up of the pattern

The lining


  1. I love My Little Pony and everything Pony related. How much for the bag? I would love to get it from you! It looks awesome!

    1. The finishing of the inside hem is a little rough... If that isn't a problem for you, $10.00 would cover the cost of the materials and shipping. If you would like to see a picture of what I mean about the finishing, I can send you pics via email.

    2. yeah, email me so you can send me pics email is or