Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Swap Shawl Received!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! dancing My long-awaited shawl package is here! Remember the first knitted shawl? This is the shawl my partner made for me in return. 
Gabriel was very excited, of course. He said “What is it? Get a sharp, hurry!” Who can argue with orders like that?
I cut the first piece of tape, and the most delicious smell hit me! That just made me more excited to open it. And this is what I found:
In the Water 
A project bag, lovely yarn, the pattern for the scarf, handcrafted sage and citrus soap in a little bag, a retractable tape measure, a gift bag full of teas, a pack of thin mints, and a recipe book!
Gabriel scooped up the “blanket” and is wearing it around. Since he won’t let me model it (yet), I took a picture of him wearing it.
Finally got the shawl away from him.
In the WaterIn the WaterIn the Water


  1. The only picture that loaded up for me was the one with my super awesome nephew

  2. Yep. Still shows the broken picture and "in the water" in the upper left corner. And this time I tried looking at it at home instead of work.