Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saturday Seven: Weeks 15 -18

If a blogger continues to get rid of things, but doesn't blog about them immediately, do they still count? I think yes. I will recount to you the weeks that I can recall, with photographic evidence where I have it.

Week 15:
This week actually took place before the last Saturday seven post I wrote, but just found the pictures this morning. My sister visited over the winter, and I sent her home with some stuff I didn't want anymore - a sundress, four pairs of socks (one that she had given me that I didn't even open...), a trial sized bottle of baby shampoo, and 6 books. I was photo-bombed by my niece. (12 things)

Week 16:
I have no photos for this week, so you will just have to trust me (and I'm sure my sister will back me up). In May, my sister visited for half a week. While she was here, she looked at my yarn stash, and I gave her some yarn that I had no interest in any longer. I gave her friend a skein, as well. (1 skein + at least 6 skeins, but I don't remember exactly how many, so... ~7 things)

The second half of the week, we caravanned to Michigan. I took more baby stuff for Jasmine - a play saucer, and at least 6 boxes of clothes. (~ 7 things)

Week 17:
We are to the present! I am getting ready to move in the next couple weeks, and you know what is a great motivator for getting rid of stuff? Moving! The donation truck was making it's rounds last week, so I set out: a bag of toys, a bag of bedding/housewares, and 6 bags of books. (8 things) The only bad part about them coming last week is that I am still finding things to donate... Oh, well. I'm sure they will do pick ups at the new place, too.
 P.S. - Those two boxes of books that I speculated on putting out during week 12 definitely were filled and put out the next time the donation people came around, in addition to at least 1 bag.

Week 18:
On Monday I went to the post office with 10 packages. While not all of them contained random things that fit this project, several of them did. Things sent off include: 2 skeins of handspun (One I was never going to use, spun last year during Tour de Fleece; the other is a second skein from a fiber and I only need the first skein), 2 cops of singles I was never going to use (spun last year during Tour de Fleece), worsted weight yarn leftovers (which add up to about 2 skeins), a handmade journal that I picked up in college and am no longer interested in using, and a ponytail for locks of love that has been waiting to be mailed for about 6 months now (the baggie kept getting covered by other things...). (7 things)
12+7+7+8+7 = 41 things
Total so far: 219 things

I won't be updating my totals this Saturday, but look for a post in 10 days.

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