Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blanket Project: Week 45

Hi, all. I know it's been a while since I posted at all. Don't worry, over the next few days I will be flooding the blog. A lot has been going on with life, but I hope to get back to a normal schedule next month. In the meantime, let's get caught up on some things, shall we?

First, my favorite project for me. The sock yarn blanket. It has not been getting as much love as it should (just look at the numbers at the bottom...), but it has still been getting love. Here is what it looked like yesterday - I've done another small square and a large one since.

I'm sure you can see that it has a lot more color than it has in the past. That is because I have some very generous friends who have given me sock yarn leftovers. The top four and a half rows of the blanket are made up of yarn from my friends. The next several rows will be made up of yarn from my friends, too. I have a stash of minis waiting to be tackled, before I even have to worry about using my own leftovers again.
Mini skeins and sock yarn leftovers that came home with me from Zombie Knitpocalypse 2013
Since I got home from the knitting retreat where I received all the yarn pictured above, I have used only the little pile of yarn in the upper left corner. That leaves me with a lot to go :) I have also received more mini skeins: some from a friend who came to visit (pictured below), and a package from another friend that I met at the retreat (not pictured because they are all packed up in preparation for the move that will be happening before the end of the month; I'll try to remember to photo them once unpacked).

Once I make it through all those minis (or if I decide to put in a row of yarn from socks that I've made), I have finished 5 pairs of socks that haven't made yarny contributions yet, and I have 6 projects cast on that need to have squares put in, too.  I have enough yarn to keep me knitting on the blanket for a while, but that is not stopping me from working on socks. :)

236/776, instead of 315

See you all tomorrow! (Or later today, if I finish another post.)

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