Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Universe rescues my Monday

I was having one of those days. You know, the icky kind. The kind that could only be a Monday. Nothing in particular was wrong, but I was just crabby and would have preferred to stay in bed all day.

The universe knew this, and decided that it likes me (for now). After recording my podcast, I checked the mail and found this:

That is 3 packages (2 containing letters!) and a card (the kind with a letter in it!)!!!!!!! The letter and square package came from some pen pals from rav, the medium package is from my Pooks, and the large package is some stuff I bought from a destash.

Are you super excited to see what lived in the packages? OF COURSE YOU ARE!

Package 1: 
This came from my sister, and it was full of things to mend. I knew there was going to be carnage, so I opened this package first. You see, I made a friend a pair of socks at the beginning of the month, but I must not have woven in my ends very well on one of them, because there is a small hole where I changed yarn. Easy fix. Probably less than 10 minutes.
A less easy fix: I knit socks for my niece. My sister's dog chewed the backs of the legs off both socks. Luckily neither heel is damaged, so I don't have to deal with short rows, but... I have to amputate the legs and knit new ones. Still faster than knitting new socks.

Package 2:
For the in-between times for Nerd Wars, Team 1-Up decided to send letters (or things that would fit in an envelope). My partner went above and beyond. She sent me a letter, and:

Why yes, those are mushrooms. She made me a magnet and a key chain. If you love them, you can head over to her etsy shop. The thing that made me squee the most though was the Howl's Moving Castle keychain. I am waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in love with it!

Package 3:
One of my 1-Up teammates is battling a wicked infection, and the medical bills are piling up. She decided to destash some of her yarn/fiber to help with costs. I had a little bit of yarn money, so I scooped up 3 things:
I've never worked with the yarn on the left, or the fiber on the right. I figured it would be okay to try new things. The fiber in the middle is from one of my favorite indie dyers, ScienceMonkey. (P.S. if you love the socks I made for my friend that I now need to fix, ScienceMonkey just put up 2 skeins of the pink yarn in his shop. Go scoop it up!)

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