Saturday, January 26, 2013

Saturday 7 - Week 14

Hey guys! I made it back for another week. Yay! (I am pretty proud of myself.) This week is easy. Technically, these are still in my house, but only because I won't see the person I am giving them to until tomorrow. One of the ladies in my knitting group has a sister who is taking up weaving, but does not have a lot of dollars. That is okay, though. I, like many crafters, have stuff in my stash that I am not interested in. Stuff that was given to me by other people that I took because, "Sure, I can find a use for that." 

First thing, I pulled a bag of yarn out from under my bed. Actually, it was a big bag, a small bag, and a couple loose skeins. Now it all fits in one bag. This bag is my "random yarn" bag. You see, I have 4 different yarn stashes. Sock yarn, worsted weight acrylic, "special" yarn (handspun, lace, etc.), and random. I pulled out all the yarn that I wasn't particularly fond of - I don't see myself using peach yarn EVER. The cream is an interesting texture, but only one ball. The white has gold metalic - I am not a fan of gold. The other four yarns were just in small quantities, so they got pulled out. (9 things)

Then I pulled out a box of yarn my mom gave me when I visited Michigan earlier this month. (By the way, I did that. It was a five day trip, and very fun.) The seven yarns on the right came from that box. They are being given away because they are either small quantities of textured yarn that don't go with anything else in my stash, or they are yellow.  Then I looked at my worsted acrylic stash, and found some non-fitters. They all got removed, because I couldn't think of a project I would use them for. (13 things)

After I bagged all that up, I realized a bag of yarn had fallen from my stash (on top of a book shelf) onto the floor. In it was more peach yarn (/die) and a chunky black yarn that didn't go with anything else in my stash. I have frogged the peach thing, and added more yarn to the bag. (3 things)

I hope the woman who is learning to weave has fun using these yarns. Maybe she likes peach and yellow...

This week: 25 things
Total:  178 things

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