Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to: make a kindle cover from a journal

Steve bought himself a kindle fire and gave me his kindle touch. I made him cover for his kindle touch out of a scrap piece of jeans, but the kindle fire is much bigger. He didn't want to buy a cover because they are a billion dollars (okay, about $30). Instead, he bought a journal and had me turn it into a kindle cover for him.

Kindle (to trace)
Fasteners (I used snaps from a very stained onesie)
Mod Podge
Super glue

Binder clips (optional)
Utility knife/exacto blade
Metal Ruler/straight edge - VERY IMPORTANT! You don't want a flimsy piece of plastic coming between your hand and a cutter when you should be putting the piece down to go to sleep, but instead stupidly cut anyway.
Paint brush

To make:
1. Lay your kindle on the first page of your journal; trace around. Clip down the edges of the paper.

2. Using your cutter and your ruler, cut the traced shape out. If you are crazy, you could try to keep the curve. I am not that crazy, so I opted not to. I also opted to not cut out the page that the baby marked up. (Just a reminder to daddy to keep his stuff out of her reach.)

3. Using super glue, attach the fastener to the "lid". Close your cover, and mark where to cut for your fastener. Make the cuts. Note: Do not glue fastener all the way at the edge. Leave a little space so when the cover is closed, there is no tell-tale page cutting. (The fastener is still together in the picture below.)

4. Mod Podge all the cut edges, and the outside of the pages. Once that is dry, glue the other side of the fastener into its niche. 

5. Put your kindle in the journal. (Not pictured because I just finished the project and Steve isn't home yet.)

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