Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Schuyler Blanket Project - March 2012

Yay, I've been made a mod over at The Schuyler Blanket Project. The project was started when a woman lost her daughter, and her friends, online and in real life, wanted to do something. These friends made a blanket in memory of Schuyler. (Read more here.)

The goal of the project is to help grieving parents facing the loss of their child(ren) by putting together blankets of squares made with love by anyone who wants to contribute.

There are five blankets in need of squares right now; the first two are past their due date for squares, so they could really use pledges.

For Nilsa:
Nilsa requested a blanket in memory of her twins. Nilsa lost a baby boy and a baby girl at 20 weeks gestation. She named her girl Annalyse and calls her boy simply My Baby Boy. Squares should be 8x8” in soft, washable fibers in pinks, blues, and neutrals.
For Heather G.:
Heather G. recently lost her son to sids at the age of almost 3 months. He was born on 3/26/11 and sadly passed on 6/18/11. His name was Eddy Maurice S. III. Squares should be 8x8” in soft, washable fibers in blues and greens.
For Megan:
Megan had a stillbirth at 23 weeks. She had just gotten married the week before they found out their son, Charlie, no longer had a heartbeat. Squares should be 8x8” in soft, washable fibers in boy colors.
In memory of Madison Annabelle:
She and her twin brother were born prematurely, at 24 weeks and 2 days on 7/22/2011. Madison passed on 7/25/2011. Her brother Michael was in the NICU at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. (Michael came home January 25, 2012 and is doing great.) Squares should be 8x8” in soft, washable fibers. There are no color preferences for this blanket, so feel free to be creative.
For Ilene and Omar:
Nabil died a few months ago, and leaving behind his only son, and his mom. Nabil was Ilene’s only son as well, and he lived with her. He did his best to help his mom because she was helping him too. The thought is that when Ilene passes away, Nabil’s blanket could be given to his son Omar. Nabil was an avid NY Yankees & Jacksonville Jaguars fan. It would mean a lot if those colors were included (blue/white, teal/black/gold) in the squares. Soft, washable yarn please, 8X8”.

If you are interested in helping (pledging squares, donating yarn, etc), contact me at

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