Monday, August 13, 2012

Ravellenic Games roundup

Did you miss the weekly check in post yesterday? No, I didn't forget about you. I was saving all the information for today.

With the closing ceremony of the Olympic games yesterday came the closing of the Ravellenic games. You may recall from this post that the games started on July 27, 2012, and ended on August 12, 2012. I challenged myself to do three projects - a full pair of lace socks, a hat with color work, and finishing a blanket that had been languishing in a project bag for a very long time.

I am very pleased to announce that I finished all three projects, and that they all qualified for medals. Yay!

My first FO was Mandi's rainbow hat.

A few days later, I finished lace socks for my mom.

And a full day and a half before the games ended, I finished my last project. The Blue Baby Blanket:

You might recall that I finished the blanket with no recipient in mind. Well, it turns out that my brother just met his two month old son on Friday - and I found out I have a new nephew this evening. The blanket will be traveling with me to Michigan at the end of the month to be given to him. 

Also, you might recall that I played the Games as part of Team Yarn Therapy Zone.

Much like we did for Le Tour de Fleece, we donated prizes to be drawn for those team members who crossed the finish line. I donated a custom project bag, which I plan to start tomorrow. There were many prizes on the list of 37 that I was quite fond of, but one that I had particular longing for. Every time someone mentioned the prize listing, I would look and always stop at the first listing. I was so sure that my name would be called near to the last, if at all, and that the prize I really wanted would be gone before it was my turn to choose. 

The first name was called - it was not me. Kevin picked a book on learning to hand spin. The second name was called - BunniPhish! Me! I got to choose second! I didn't even have to look at the list to know what I wanted. Perhaps you recall my tutorial about making a Turkish spindle? Perhaps you even remember the picture of the two Turkish spindles next to the Russian spindle. Well, those spindles were listing one - whoever chose that prize got to choose either the gorgeous walnut spindle or the fanciful key lime spindle.

Which one would you choose? Leave me a message on your choice, and why.

 I will keep my choice a secret until the Sunday after it comes in the mail.

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  1. I would chose the walnut one, because lime green and I are not friends.