Friday, July 27, 2012

Ravellenic Games 2012 - hurry up!

I am attempting to wait patiently for the start of the Ravellenic games, but I am pretty sure the clocks are going extra slowly today. I am just too excited to start my projects!

The Ravellenic games start as the same time as the Olympic opening ceremonies, and end at midnight local time on the day the torch is extinguished (at least, I'm pretty sure that is what I read somewhere). That means the games run from July 27 to August 12 - which is 17 days. The point of the games is to compete against yourself, challenging yourself to knit/crochet/spin/weave above and beyond what you think you can do.  I will be attempting to tackle 3 projects:

My main project is a pair of Diagonal Lace socks. This is my main project, because I expect it to kick my butt. A lot. A pair of socks in 17 days? I don't know... The quickest I've done a pair of socks was 20 days. I plan to focus, though, so maybe it can be done. By focus, I mean instead of working on 10 projects at once, for the duration of the games, I will only be working on three.

My break project is going to me a rainbow hat for my sister for Christmas. (You thought I forgot, didn't you?) I will pick up the hat and do a round when I need a break from the knitting (or after every pattern repeat, whichever comes first).

Once the rainbow hat is done, I will be alternating the blue baby blanket (remember this?) with the socks.

If all goes well, by the middle of next month I will have knocked out a pair of socks for my mom (number 2 of 7... gah, she is demanding!), a hat that I have been meaning to make anyway, and a blanket that has been languishing away, that I need motivation to finish. Wish me luck (especially with the socks!)

Oh! Before you go, I want to give a small shout out:

I will be competing while a part of Team Yarn Therapy Zone. The core group is my favorite ravelry group, and we have managed to pick up some pretty cool people along the way. Go Team YTZ!

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