Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Check In

Hello, Sunday. Seeing you means it is that time again.

Blog Stuff: People went crazy for the podcast post. I will keep that in mind, and do more of that sort of thing. Also the spindle-making post was quite popular. Next week I will have a follow up post to the generosity of fiber folks, and probably a Nerd Wars related post.

New from the babies: Gabriel says "your welcome". I like these manners he has. Mara made a valiant attempt to say llama ("nah-nah" is pretty close) and kitty ("kee"). The kids have a book with a little girl that you tuck in to bed with a little piece of fabric; Mara kisses her goodnight. 

Crafty things:
The Tour de France had it's last ride today, and so the Tour de Fleece ended, as well. I met my goal for the tour: to spin 20 minutes a day, and finish my starter fiber. I took a roundup picture of everything I spun during the tour (except the plastic bags).
The mug cozy and chair pad are made from my test fiber. The pastel fiber on the toilet paper tube is 1/3 of the corriedale fiber; I started the next third this morning. The teal turtle is the first half of the merino, with the second half started on the Turkish spindle. My BFL spindle snack is trying to hide under my CD spindle.

I made a couple squares for Rachel's afghan, and started the third. I failed at meeting my goal of 3 for the week.

I made 3 can cozies for Bryan (sorry for the super horrible lighting)

I also finished the rest of the arm warmers for my barter partner

Not as many finished projects as I would have liked, but not horrible, I guess...

This week, round 2 of Nerd Wars ends. This means I need to post 3 challenges by 11:59pm Saturday. Two are done - one, I am trying to figure out the tie in. The last is a pair of socks that I just need to do the toes on - but they are toe socks, and I've never made toe socks before. Wish me luck. I also need to catch my dissertation up to the halfway point... Ugh.

I also plan on finishing the rest of the squares I need to do to get caught up on Rachel's afghan, finish Mandi's double moss socks, and make the rest of the can cozies.

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