Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fiber Folks are generous people: Part 1

I came downstairs from putting Mara down for her nap, and my entry was darkened in the way that can only mean the postie left me a package in front of the window. I got super excited, wondering what had come. I unlocked the door and was ecstatic to find not one, but TWO packages waiting for me. This could mean only one thing: a smorgasbord of fiber!

The first package I opened was some fiber I ordered two weeks ago from Stitchpunk Yarns . I wasn't sure how long it was going to take, because it was traveling from New Zealand. Yeah, I know, I could have ordered closer fiber; I even looked at fiber from closer vendors after I found this fiber. But... I saw it and fell in lust. I even put off buying it for two days to make sure it wasn't fleeting lust, but a long-burning desire. Kind of like how you feel about that one guy/girl from high school that you always wanted to hook up with, but never did. Except in this situation, I actually get to hook up with this fiber.
Included in the package was a mini milk chocolate bar that immediately went in the freezer so it could change from a liquid from to the much more desirable solid form. This may seem silly, but I greatly appreciated the chocolate bar. As an admitted chocoholic, it made this package sooo amazing. It was such a little thing, but a very nice gesture. And when you think about how many packages she sends out, the cost of all those little chocolate bars really add up. 

The second package was from Carrie. When I posted my plarn in the rookies thread (because I was out of spinning fiber), she sent me a pm saying if I sent her my address, she would send me something from her stash. I didn't see her message until after I was home from my S&B, so I told her I would love some fiber, but I had acquired some a knitting so I would understand if she decided not to send something. She did send me a package (obviously) which was quite generously packed with a 4.7oz braid of corriedale and 11g silk cap. 
More generous than the lovely package was the sentiment behind it. When I had thanked her for even thinking about sending something, she responded:
No problem. I know what it’s like to be a young mom and not be able to afford things for yourself. Been there, done that, got way too many t-shirts. LOL I’m in a position where I can help out so I am. One day you’ll be in a position to help and you’ll pass it on too I’m sure.
[A lovely bit about her experiences as a mom with young kids that is not my business to share.]
Now, I have my “stash” and can pick up some things here and there when I see some things I like. So, I have a chance to help you out and I am. ;o)
I hope you enjoy it.
I definitely do enjoy it. I am glad I have two spindles, because the Turkish spindle was full this morning. Yes, I could have taken it apart, removed the yarn turtle, then put it back together and started spinning. However, it was nice to be able to just pick up the CD spindle and start spinning the corriedale.

These are just the most recent moments of generosity from fiber people. Receiving a lot of fiber from the knitting ladies on Sunday is another. I just realized that I didn't show you pictures, and that is sad. So here it is, with the inspector Dukki:

When I bought my distaff, the seller sent along a spindle snack. She probably does with every distaff, but I love it anyway. I know it is a good marketing strategy, and it works. But I also know that crafty people tend to be generous. 

A RAK from a lady at my Sunday knitting group:
She has decided she would prefer to be strictly a crocheter, so she gave me free run to go through her knitting needles and take whatever I wanted. I now have straight needles in US sizes 1-10.5, plus a couple pairs of jumbo needles, several circs, and assorted DPNs sets. Previously I had straight needles in US size 6 and 8, a set of interchangeable circs, and DPNs US sizes 1, 2 and 3.

For a few large scale examples (read: not things that benefit me), look for "Part Two" sometime in the next week. I would do it tomorrow, but I already promised to write a tutorial on how I made my Turkish spindle. Look for that tomorrow.

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