Sunday, July 8, 2012

Break Time is Over!

Hi all. I know it has been a long while. After breaking up with my girlfriend of 8 years, I went into a pretty crappy depression-spiral. I am better now (I hope). Anyway, I had a bunch of posts planned right before the breakup, and I will be having a posting bonanza this week! Here is my tentative posting schedule:

Monday, 7/9: June WIP ->FO; July's list
Tuesday, 7/10: Nerd Wars
Wednesday, 7/11: Aquarium visit!
Thursday, 7/12: Tour de Fleece
Friday, 7/13: The story of "Friday the 13th"
Saturday, 7/14: Podcasts
Sunday, 7/15: General catch-up for the week

By the way, if you ever have a question or idea of something to make/do, I would love to hear it! I would love, love, love feedback. 

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