Thursday, July 26, 2012

Five-minute Child Cape

Super Hero Gabriel, swiffering

Last week, Gabriel became obsessed with super heroes. After the tenth time of stuffing a blanket down the back of his shirt in under twenty minutes, I did what any mom would do to keep her sanity: I made a cape for Gabriel out of an old t-shirt. It took about five minutes to gather everything, make the cape, slip it on Gabriel, and clean up the mess. Only after I was watching Gabriel run around did I think, "that would have made a great tutorial. When I handed Gabriel his cape this morning, Mara got very excited which obviously meant I had to make one for her, too. This time, I took pictures.

Old adult-sized t-shirt (Both t-shirts I used had stains/discoloration, and Gabriel's even had a couple holes. make sure the part you use for the cape doesn't embarrass you - the kid won't even notice)
A pair of scissors good enough to cut fabric

How To:
1. Find an old t-shirt, and figure out which side you want your kid to sport. My old t-shirt showed up in a bag of shirts that were destined to be turned into stuff, not worn. There is discoloration, plus I would never wear this color or saying. I chose to use the back of the shirt for Mara's cape.
2. Lay your t-shirt flat. Cut open the side seams to the armpits.
3. Cut a straight line from the armpit to the side of the collar.
4. Cut THE OPPOSITE SIDE of the t-shirt off of the collar. (In my case, I cut the front of the t-shirt off.) It is very important to leave the piece of fabric you liberated in steps 2 and 3 attached to the shirt collar. 
5. Slip the neck band over a mini-human's head, and watch as they magically transform into a super hero.

Note: I did not intentionally make the capes gender-specific colors, and anticipate the children swapping capes within the next week or so.

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