Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sewing Tuesday

I said I was going to do it, so here we go! My new Tuesday thing will be pulling down my sewing machine and working with it. If I don't schedule it, I could go a month or more without touching it - which would be a tragedy.

You may have noticed that I said I pull down my sewing machine. In an ideal world, I would have a pet-free, baby-free studio with my materials all on display, several windows for great natural light, and a dedicated sewing table. In the real world, my sewing machine spends most of the time on top of a book shelf in my  living room. When I want to use it, I pull it down, and work on the dining room table. My sewing box lives on the shelf below the sewing machine, and my thread lives under a coffee table in the living room, and my notions live under my bed in a basket, mostly in a tackle box. My fabric lives in two boxes in the basement. My cutting mat and bolt of muslin live next to the book shelf.

Today I worked on several components of a bag I am making - pink floral exterior and pockets, and a blue corduroy interior. However, since I didn't really finish anything, you will have to wait to see it.

Since I don't have any really cool things to show you, I will instead let you know what projects I have on my to-do list. Note: This list is just a starting point. I will be adding to it for sure.

-Finish Rachelle's bag

For Christmas:
-Quilt for Steve
-Pajamas for Kenny
-Pajamas for Robert
-Pajamas for Cecilia

-Bag for the Ravellenic Games YTZ winner.
-Sewing machine cover
-Purse for Mer

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