Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Nerd Wars

If you are not on Ravelry and you do any type of fiber art, you should check it out. (My name is BunniPhish - send me a message or a friend request when you join!) Nerd Wars is a game that is played by the Nerd Wars group (surprising, I know). The basic idea is that teams are formed around a common nerdy interest. There are nearly 30 teams,  including: Team 1-UP (video games); Team Mythology; Team OneMorePage (series fiction); Team Tardis (Dr. Who) and Team UU (Discworld). Each month of the tournament, there are six new challenges. A player can enter one, or all, or any number in between. Each challenge completed wins points for the team. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

Nerd Wars is my new favorite thing, period. We are in the middle of tournament 5, round 2 right now. I missed the deadline for team sign ups, so I am not on a team. Instead, I am a Ninja Warrior. Ninjas don't earn points for teams, just for themselves. Ninjas can come and go as they please, finishing as many or as few challenges as they want without worrying about their efforts affecting a team. Ninjas are also able to tie their project to any team they want. Also, ninjas can join the game whenever, so if you are just signing on to ravelry, consider becoming a ninja!

Aside from being able to play a creating game with other nerdy people, I LOVE that Nerd Wars has deadlines. This tournament, each round begins on the first of the month, and ends on the 28th at 11:59pm. I need deadlines, otherwise things don't get done. So far, I have only made things that I had been planning on making anyway. Ready to see what I mean? Here come the pictures!


I am making a blanket for my SIL as part of a Block-A-Month Crochet-A-Long. I have answered two of the challenges with squares:
The square on the left answered the round 1 Scientific challenge, and the squares on the right answer the round 2 Scientific challenge.


I am a part of a Granny Square Swap. Every month that a person chooses to participate, they swap two 6" squares with another person (and maybe little extras). I made one of my squares for June to answer the round 1 Technical challenge.


A friend of mine wanted me to test out her crochet pattern.
I made the shawl to answer the round 1 Intellectual challenge.


Last Christmas my nephew asked me to make him a dragon.
The round 1 Nerd Culture challenge offered me the perfect opportunity.


I've been planning on making my sister a Tororo.
The round 1 Geek Pride challenge was perfect.

I sent a care package to my cousin, and I wanted to send him something with a personal touch. So I made a washcloth to put in the package.
This fit into the round 1 Giving Geeks challenge.

Pretty cool, right? I hope to finish up a few more challenges for round 2 this week. Look for them in my next general update!

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