Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Check-In

I really want to be on a schedule for posting. I think it is only fair that I put out regular posts if I expect people to want to read this. So I plan to make one post a week at the very least. I would like to post a Sunday update of what I've done in the past week. Crafty and otherwise.

Blog info first: I am pretty happy with the output of this week. I missed a couple posts this week, but I plan on posting similar posts soon. If all goes well tomorrow, I will be posting about the aquarium. (I am just waiting on the photos to transfer from the phone to the computer.)

New from the babies: Gabriel now says "Excuse me" when someone is in his way. Mara said "kisses". If you get a random call from me, it is actually Mara. Phone calls are her new favorite game.

Crafty things:
As I mentioned in my Tour de Fleece post, I ran out of fiber to spin. I did in fact spin plastic bags for day 15:
Overall, the plastic spinning went pretty well. I had the ball of plarn sitting around because months ago I had decided I wanted to make market bags out of it, but I never got around to working with it. It took me an hour to spin and ply what ended up being 40 yds of Andean plied plarn. My plan for today was to spin and ply white bags, but my plan was thwarted in the best possible way: 

I went to knitting today and showed off my finished starter fiber. One of the women (Peta) had shown up with two shoe boxes of raw alpaca (well, she had washed it). She got it for free from a family friend, but isn’t a spinner herself. She brought the alpaca for Lorain to spin for her. Peta offered me some of her alpaca, because she can get more whenever she wants from a family friend. (The family friend has several alpaca, but they don’t do anything with the fleece. Just cut it and… I don’t want to think about it.) She handed me a handful. A large handful.
Then Lorain showed up. We talked about TdF, about the alpaca, and about spinning. I mentioned that Peta had given me some alpaca, and that I was out of spinning fiber, so I did plastic yesterday. She went out to her car to get a present for me: some teal merino that she wasn’t really interested in anymore (she has SABLE: stash accumulated beyond life expectancy). And she brought in her hand carders, and made me 5 rolags! I will have to find my metal comb for the rest of the alpaca, but I’m excited to have the opportunity to play with alpaca prepped in different ways.

I finished a couple Nerd Wars challenges:
Can cozies for my mom's boyfriend to answer the round 2 Intellectual challenge.
I submitted the spindle snack for the round 2 Technical challenge.
I made a several squares for Rachel's afghan:

I also made a few pairs of wrist warmers:

In the upcoming week, I hope to knock out another set of afghan squares, several more can cozies, hopefully finish a pair of socks, and make two more sets of arm warmers. All while being attacked by playing with my littles. 

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