Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A day late...

I say that I want to get back to my blog, then I miss my first day back! Sorry about that. I was helping my best friend pack up so she could move today. Back to our previously scheduled post (I will just bump every thing back a day.)

An update of the items I wanted to frog/finish in June:

I frogged all four items on my list (yay!), plus an afghan I had started for a best friend's ex-boyfriend:

As to the Wips:
-Sock Yarn Wrap: Not completed. I am still slowly working on this, but I haven't heard from my partner in almost two months now. I want to finish it, but don't necessarily have a time line or a destination for it.
-Mandi's socks: two pair - I only finished one pair, Dragon Feathers but they turned out gorgeous!

-Slippers for Mer: Finished!

-Spa Goodies: Finished all 20 pieces! 
I am hosting a spa-themed bridal shower for one of my best friends at the end of June. We will be playing party games. I want to make 20 assorted pieces as prizes.

I also finished a few other things, but you will have to wait until tomorrow to read about those!

Here are the WIP goals I set at the beginning of July:
Frog a scrap afghan I started a while ago to use up acrylic scraps. I really like the way it is turning out, but... I've been using all my acrylic scraps to make cat toys (see tomorrow's post for more). The afghan isn't growing, and I have a much better use for those scraps.

-Spinning: I started spinning this fiber on May 20. I want to finish the single, then Navajo ply it. And spin and ply the spindle snack
My first spinning attempt 
-Double Moss socks - They defeated me last month, but I will be victorious this month!  I decided to see how I like doing two at a time on DPNs, because a few people have recommended that method to me.Mandis Double Moss 
-Aunt Kimmie's socksTwo at a time, magic loop, top down. This is my “training” pair before the Ravellenic games, starting at the end of the month.
Aunt Kimmies socks 
-Bryan's Can Cozies: Making 8 for my mom's boyfriend for Christmas

-CAL squares: I am part of a block a month crochet along on ravelry. My goal is to do 4 blcoks a month. Unfortunately, I have let myself fall behind. Quite a bit behind. To be completely caught up, I need to do 12 squares by the end of the month. I will do it!

And since the month started...
I've added making a mitten garland for a swap (I'm getting a pair of socks!) and making 5 pairs of arm warmers, also for a swap (I am getting handmade buttons/stitch markers). I also started another pair of socks, but you will see those tomorrow. 

Of course, I have too much to do. I don't think I am capable of not overloading my plate. I am thinking of joining a couple more swaps...

Can't wait to talk about Nerd Wars tomorrow! See you then.

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