Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blanket Project- Week 10

I finished those projects that were keeping me from working on my blanket, and (surprise!) worked on the blanket! There are seven new squares this week (big squares count as four). It has been a while since I pulled out the sock yarn stash basket, because I didn't work on the blanket for a while, and then when I did work on it I had new sock yarn to contribute. This coming week, I will finish a pair of socks, but that will only cover 1 square of the seven. I am not planning to make big squares for a couple weeks. Due to that decision, I pulled out the basket this morning to look at what I have.

My collection is pretty similar to what I started with, though I have less small scraps. I have a friend who is making a sock yarn blanket too, and I gave her the indigo because I have a bunch that I am using for another project, and will probably have leftovers, and pulled the purple spice because there was enough to make another pair of socks. Of course, there is new yarn because I have finished many pairs of socks in the last 2.5 months. Armed with this yarn and the blanket, I pulled out a chart I started in my journal at the beginning of the project and decided yarn placement. 

What? Some people don't completely geek out over the prospect of planning out a project? Are you sure?
Looking at my leftovers, I wish there were brighter colors. Still, I am really excited to work on the blanket this week. I just have to remind myself to balance squares with other projects... Like Steve's DNA socks, or Mandi's thigh highs (that I CO last night).

55/776, instead of 70

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