Saturday, November 10, 2012

Saturday Seven: Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11: 
I took more stuff to Becka this week. She didn't have any pairs of jeans because hers were lost in the move, so I gave her two pair - one that I stopped wearing months ago because they were too big, and another that I do not like the coloring (they have bleached whiskers). Both have been in my closet since before Mara. (2 things) I also gave her a grey t-shirt that I found in storage, still in the packaging (1 thing).

Also from the storage room, I have a bag full of stuffed animals for donation. (4+ things)

This week: 7 things

Total: 131 things

Week 12:

We found Becka's jeans that she lost during the move, plus her mushroom beanie, so she took those home after we had dinner yesterday. (2 things)

When the donation truck came on Wednesday (in addition to garbage bag of stuffed animals, and the garbage bag of clothes) I set out a diaper box full of books. (1 thing) Next time they come around, I am pretty sure I will be setting out another two...

On Tuesday I donated a stack of handmade scarves to the charity at my library that distributes them to people in need for winter. They have been sitting in my closet since pre-Gabriel. That is a long time of wasted usefulness... (5 things)

This week: 7 things
Total:  138 things

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