Thursday, November 1, 2012

Blanket Project: Week 8

Wow. Two and a half weeks with no blanket progress, then this morning I sat down and did six squares, and started a seventh. Which technically makes me behind on the project. I forsee a distinct lack of blanket knitting in my immediate future because of holiday crafting. I plan to still work on it, but I probably won't get back to one square a day for a little while. That is okay, though - I will probably knock out a bunch of the squares in January, since that is a break month for Nerd Wars and I probably won't start holiday crafting that early.

This week, I started a pair of socks for my mom using this yarn:
The yarn is self striping, but I didn't match up the stripes. I received the yarn last holiday, and the dye lots don't match. I'm sure if my mom decides she hates them because they don't match, my sister will be happy to take them off her hands.

Speaking of my sister, she might be commissioning me to make a pair (or several) of thigh high socks for her. How awesome would that be?

Now back to the blanket. Here is the progress I did make:

42/776, instead of 56

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