Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday 7 - Weeks 8 & 9

I took some time away from the computer the past week-ish to work on a massive charity project. Now I am back to fill in your day with words and pictures.

Week 8

A blue tank top, a black t-shirt, and a Chewbacca toy into the donation bag, and a bottle of lotion into the "to Michigan" box for Amanda. (4 things)

Also, I put six books in a box for Mandi's Christmas present. I try to do this every year - hand her a box of books I don't want anymore. She reads much faster than I do, so she needs books more than I do. (6 things)

This week: 10 things

Week 9
I started cleaning out my storage room.  Believe me when I say it was gross and embarrassing. Frankly, it is still a gross and embarrassing. I am hoping that spending 20 minutes a day working on it will make it much less so. My storage room has boxes that haven't been gone through since I graduated college, and possibly boxes from when I moved out of my mom's house to go to college... These boxes have gone from move to move without ever being opened. I am sure some boxes will have things I will be really excited to see again, but I anticipate a lot of "why do I have this?".

Having spent about two hours total cleaning it, I have already accumulated a large amount of stuff to get rid of this week.

First to go:

A small stack of magazines I found at the bottom of a box. 6 magazines from 2003. Why did I have these magazines? Because at one point I thought I would use them for paper crafting. The thing is, I don't do a lot of paper crafting. I like the idea of paper crafting, but the reality is that it takes away from reading and fiber crafting. A single magazine would be enough supply to get me through several years of paper crafting at the rate I am going. So, even though it was strangely difficult, I took the magazines to recycling Tuesday morning (along with our regular box of junk mail, etc). (1 thing)

A hat from middle school that I may have worn once, but I don't think so. It never really fit. Two stuffed animals - the pink dog is from college, no idea about the other. 4 tank tops and a dress that someone gave me and I never wore, a purple button down that I am unsure the origin of, a long sleeve blue shirt that I stole from my mom's closet in middle school and wore a lot - until I got to high school. All into the donation bag.(10 things)

A bottle scrubber that I got when Gabriel was born, that I promptly lost after he stopped using bottles. It is now in the Michigan box for Katie. (1 thing)

Two bottles of lotion in the Michigan box for Mandi. Two tank tops, an over-shirt, a hat, and a pair of capris that have indeterminate origin, and a bra Becka wore for a month before she outgrew it. (8 things)

(Just so you know, I did find a treasure in the storage room - my hanger of belts and ties! I have been looking for this for the past few years.)

This week: 20 things
Total: 116 things

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