Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Hi Sunday!

Blog Stuff: This week feels like a baking week. Are you ready for some recipes?

New from the babies: Mara turned two on Friday. I disapprove. She received a doll today, and she has been carrying it all over. I suspect it will be like her other dolls - she plays with them for a few days, and then cars become way cooler.


Crafty things:
I made an owl for the Nerd Wars Intellectual Challenge. This owl is actually for Mer.

I also finished a book scarf for a barter:
It is double knit, with the gryffindor symbol.

I also started two pairs of socks, and a cat bed, all Nerd Wars related.

I finished reading "50 Shades Darker" by E.L. James. I am still not sure if I like the series; I don't think it is particularly well written, but is is definitely easy to read. The characters seem more like people in this book, and less like caricatures. I recommend the first two books in the trilogy for fluff reading.

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