Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blanket Project Thursday - Week 4

I started two pairs of socks this week - one for my mom, and my first ever pair for me! The first sock for my mom is about half done. This is as far as I got last night:

You probably recognize the yarn from last week's post. I decided to go with cables after all, and am using the Simply Ginny Socks! pattern by Anna Peck Maliszewski. I decided to modify the pattern to have an afterthought heel because of the gorgeous stripes. This will be my first attempt at this type of heel. Wish me luck!

I've barely started the socks for me:

They are going to be helical stripe socks, which is mostly mindless knitting. I think I am going to sit them next to my computer downstairs for when I am waiting to load into WoW. (Yes, the game has lured me back with its promise of pokemon-type things, and the ability to play as a panda race.)

I used the lighter blue color in the blanket already - it is the big square for the week. I was going to use the skew sock yarn to make a big square, but then I loved the blues and greens too much to wait. I will use the skew yarn next week.

I did use the skew yarn and scrap pieces to make a small square, though.

Squares made: 29/776

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