Thursday, September 27, 2012

Blanket Project Thursday - Week 3

Only three weeks in, and I have made a square out of every color of leftover sock yarn I have. Expect the sample skein (10 yards) I have, but I plan on adding that this coming week. I really love this project, and it is hard to keep myself to a strict one square a day. I want to just sit and knit up the blanket, but I don't have enough leftovers yet. 

I finished a pair of socks this week, so the leftovers have been added to the basket. 

I knew I wasn't going to use the entire skein, so I made a square with it last week. I am trying to decide if I want to let myself start the helical socks, or force myself to wait until the October 1 to cast anything on. If I wait, I can maybe use the project for Nerd Wars. If I decide to wait, I will work on the skew socks. I think the skew sock yarn would make a great addition to the blanket.

I picked out the yarn I want to use for the Personal Sock Yarn Club in October. I am going to look through my sock book and at my ravelry queue to find a pattern. I am considering cables, but I'm not sure - I haven't done a cabled project yet.

I went to Joanne's because someone told me they were having a sale on sock yarn; I must have missed it. I was a little disappointed. I would like more sock yarn for the time between PSYC socks. Maybe my boyfriend got me a spot in the Ewereka yarn club?

Squares made: 22/776

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