Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Saturday Seven - Week 3

This week, I cleared out a lot of little things via swap packages. Instead of just buying things for my swap partners, I looked around at what I had around, and put some of the random stuff into the packages.

Package 1:
I put in two bars of handmade soap that my mom gave me for my birthday. She gave me nine bars of handmade soap, and I am not a huge fan of the lavender ones. Those are the two I sent. (Sorry, forgot to take a photo before I sent the package out.)
2 items

Package 2:
I unloaded a lot of stuff in this package. A while ago, Jasmine gave me 10 bars of handmade soap - 2 each of 5 scents/colors. I have a problem - I like scented soaps, but I never use them. Maybe I just like the idea of them? Anyway, those soaps have been through at least one move, maybe two or three. I also put in a tube of vanilla incense. I really like vanilla, but I didn't like the way this vanilla smelled. My partner likes incense, so hopefully she will enjoy that incense. The item that I found most dear to part with, but that I gave to her anyway, was a ball of 100% baby alpaca yarn, black, lace weight. I bought 2 balls a while ago, but didn't like them for the project I was going to use them in. I tried really hard to convince myself to part with both balls of yarn, but I just couldn't. Half is better than none, though. Right?
12 items

10 bars of soap

Package 3:
This one may sound a little weird, and I don't know if everyone would count it, but I am counting it. I sent a braid of hair off to Locks of Love. I didn't measure it before it left, but I know it was longer than the required 10". My hair reached down to the dimples in my back, and we cut it at my nape. Even though this braid wasn't sitting around my house for long - less than a week - it represents something that was around my house for much longer. Having short hair means many things: I don't need to use as much shampoo and conditioner, so I don't feel the need to stockpile shampoo/conditioner. I have no extras in my linen closet right now, because I don't need it. With my hair this length, I could get away with only washing it when I go to the gym once a week. It would look a bit icky by that time, but I could do it. Having short hair also means I won't be finding 2 foot strands of hair everywhere. Seriously, EVERYWHERE. Well, eventually I will stop finding long hairs everywhere. This will make my vacuum cleaner happy. Also, I have been growing my hair since 2007, and since late 2008 it has been past my shoulders. That is longer than I ever need my hair, as I don't enjoy having long hair. It takes too long to dry, and I never wear it down. I never do anything with it. Short is better.
What this all means is, though some people wouldn't count donated hair, I am. Because even though I don't want long hair, I miss the braid now that it is gone.
1 item

The last lot of things wasn't a package sent out; it was a bundle of awesome that my best friend/ex-roommate/ex-girfriend picked up on Tuesday.
Becka came over with a friend to visit me and the babies, and when she left, she took a bag of her stuff from the wedding, and also... Mrh. Yes, she came and got her cat. Which is also kind of my cat. I know that Dukki is actually my cat, and Mrh is her cat, but there is history. Becka got Mrh in 2004 because the lady who lived next to my mom had a litter of kittens, and I fell in love with Mrh. Since I was off in the land of college dorms, Mrh moved in with Becka. In 2006, we adopted Dukki, and he lived with Becka and Mrh since I was still at college. Dukki and Mrh were as close to best friends as cats get. Mrh moving out was hard. Gabriel cried.
When Becka took Mrh, she also grabbed a food bowl, a water bowl, and Mrh's carrier.
4 things

This week's total: 19 things
Overall total: 38 things

This week, meeting quota was not too difficult. I imagine, though, when I get to week 10 it will be much more difficult to let things go. By week 20, I will probably be giving only the requisite 7. By week 30, I will be scrambling to come up with 7. I know that I have a lot of stuff, but I wonder how difficult it will be to stick to the plan later on.

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