Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Saturday Seven - Week 5

Every month, the Vietnam Veterans on America send an envelope containing a yellow bag, asking for donations. I try to donate every other month - my storage room has boxes that I haven't opened since college, so I am sure there are always things I can get rid of. 

This month, the pickup was Wednesday, September 19. I had half a bag I started last month (1 thing):

 To that I added 6 stuffed animals that I have had since before Gabriel was born (I got the white bear when I was in middle school); 2 promotional hats Steve got from work last year (we don't wear hats); a blue sweatshirt that may have come from Mandi; a long-sleeve red sweater and a short sleeve black sweater, both with rode up while worn that either came from Mandi or Mer when I was in Michigan last month ; a grey t-shirt that I've had since before Kentucky that Becka occasionally wore, but didn't take (it has always been to small for my boobs); a green and white jumper thing that was terry cloth and obviously made for someone much younger than me - got this from Mer right before I got pregnant with Mara, I think; a black tank top that was in a box of random stuff Mer sent home with me from Michigan, and a phone from that same box.

This week's total: 15 things
Overall total: 69 things

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