Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekly Check in

Happy Sunday! Did you have a good week? I hope so; I did.

Blog Stuff: How did you like the week based on a theme? It was really fun for me, but I'd love to hear your opinions.

New from the babies: Mara's high chair has been cleaned and put away, waiting for one of my pregnant friends to claim it for their own. It was just becoming more of a nuisance than anything. She still can't jump, but she will knock herself over trying.

Gabriel can put his straw in his juice box all by himself. Maybe you are not impressed, but I can remember fighting with those stupid straws when I was older than he is now.

Crafty things:
I did not make any CAL squares, and I still have an inch to go on both socks before I can start the toe decreases. They should have been done, I know, but... I got distracted. With this:

I found the pattern for these ADORABLE Owl Puffs bJenna Krupar on ravelry, and I needed to make something with them. I immediately thought of my friend Katie, who is having a baby in February, and is decorating the nursery in owls. I asked if she had a mobile yet, and she didn't. So I made this:

Much more important than socks and squares, right? This week, though, the socks will be finished. Because I want to start a pair of for myself, and I need the needles. I will also try to squeeze in a few CAL squares. And a unicorn shirt/dress for my niece whose birthday is next month.

I finished reading "Sock Innovation" by Cookie A. This book has definitely found its way onto my holiday wishlist this year. The first half of the book is all about how to design a sock - discussing the components of a sock and how they can be manipulated with new ideas. It is brilliant. After reading it, I kind of want to design a pair of socks for myself... Maybe in the new year, when all the personal sock yarn club yarn belongs to me.

Also, I am in love with the Kai Mei socks. I will definitely be using that pattern for me.

I am in various stages of reading four of my other library books. I am pretty sure I will finish two in the next week, but maybe three.

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