Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Check-in

Happy Sunday!

Blog Stuff: Nerd Wars post. Yeah, I know. I think maybe I will give up on writing that post. I want to do it,, but I think I am too lazy to do it. Plus, I have a couple other things planned for this week. My theme of the week is "Make Do and Mend". 

New from the babiesMara is trying to learn to jump. If you have never watched a baby try to learn to jump, you are missing out. The baby will gear up for it, then launch herself up on her toes. She doesn't actually leave the ground, but she thinks she does. Every "jump" causes great excitement. It is the greatest game ever to date, as far as she is concerned.

Gabriel can now distinguish between pronouns. Before yesterday, everything was "her": "Let's go find her." "Those are her shoes." He now properly uses "him", "her", and "his". I know this is not the coolest thing ever, but it is. We have been working on this for... ever. 

Crafty things

I finished the shawl I made as part of a knit along. The pattern has been released now, and is available for free here. It is called the Labor Day Mystery Shawl. I made mine with lighter yarn and smaller needles than called for because I don't think I am into full-sized shawls.

Finished the third pair of my mom's Christmas socks (sorry for the awful lighting.)

I also started a new project.

I'd like to make a few CAL squares this week and finish up a pair of socks that have been on the needles for a while... Maybe you remember Aunt Kimmie's socks?

In the mail:
I won a prize in Nerd Wars, and I received my prize this week.
It is from Tess' Designer Yarns, baby & sock yarn. I could roll around on it all day.

What I read:
This week I finished Pink Smog. At first I couldn't tell how I felt about it. Anyone who has read something my Francesca Lia Block can tell you she has distinct style. I felt like this book had the washed-out version of her style. Not a bad thing, necessarily, just way less intense than I expected. It didn't have quite the "walking around in a drugged haze" quality that I am used to. There were a few moments where I wondered about Weetzie's sanity, which is normal for Weetzie, and I found it enjoyable to get some of Weetzie's back story.

I am currently in various spots on four (or five?) of the other library books, and look forward to giving you a little blurb about them next week

On a side note, I always think it is so strange when people say they haven't read a book in years. Really? Years? How do they live? I have gone a couple of months without reading, I think, but never years! (And probably not even 2 full months...)

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