Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday Seven - Week Four

This week's donation was unplanned, but was really easy to accomplish. Becka, Katie and John came over to discuss the possibility of me designing/making dresses for Katie's and John's wedding next month. While they were here anyway, I foisted off random baby stuff I don't use/want anymore.

A diaper pail I got at Gabriel's baby shower. I used it for the cloth diapers, and it worked really well. (1 thing)

 I grabbed together a stack of the cloth diapers that I am pretty sure I only used once (I used them, then found my stash from when Gabriel used them, and put these ones away to be cycled in when the others started falling apart), plus diaper covers Steve's mom got for Mara, and a diaper cover Becka's mom bought before I was even pregnant because she saw it on clearance at Walmart and figured someone could use it someday. (4 things)

Then I realized Mara has a basket in her room with baby stuff that I don't even look at anymore. I looked in the basket and found: another stack of cloth diapers, these ones never used; 2 diaper covers I'd never used; a stack of reusable inserts for two of the covers, a stack of disposable inserts for those same covers; a pack of milk storage bags that I'd never even opened, because Mara refused to try bottles; the 4 disposable breast pads I still had. The two stacks of inserts came from Gabriel's shower; everything else was given to me when I had Mara. (7 things)

 Then I realized I had some random hospital stuff taking up space in my closet, so I gave Katie all the stuff that I had gotten from the hospital when I delivered Gabriel, but didn't use: a stack of bed pads, a pair of disposable underwear (Mandi, I know you are jealous that I had those and didn't give them to you), and a stack of perinatal pads - the kind with the cooling gel pack in them that the hospital I had Mara in did not carry. (3 things)

Right before they left, I handed Becka a box of tea from my tea stash because she is getting over a cold, or the plague, or something. Even though I think it is yummy, I know it is her favorite. (1 thing)

This week's total: 16 things
Overall total: 54 things

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