Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Saturday Seven - Week 6

Last week, my friend Katie bemoaned the cost of maternity clothes on her facebook. Who can afford to buy a whole new wardrobe for herself that she will wear for less than a year, when also facing the looming costs of a newborn? I couldn't; I put off getting maternity jeans until I was 6 months along with Gabriel, and I lucked out with being gifted a handful of shirts and a dress I really loved. A friend of my sister's had her baby a couple months before I had Gabriel, and she lost her baby weight super quick, so she gave me her old stuff. A lot of it I have never worn. Whenever someone I know gets pregnant, I offer to let them sift through the baby clothes I have, and I set out my maternity clothes bin for them to look through, too.

Katie lives too far away for me to just drive over with some boxes, so I took pictures of all the clothes I had, and put them up on photobucket*. Katie looked through and picked out 7 pieces. Just like that, my Saturday Seven was done. (7 things)

This morning, I started cleaning my room and came across a few things to put in the donation bag:
A pair of khakis I will never wear, a purple crushed velvet-type shirt that I will never wear, two t-shirts that I bought when I was pregnant with Mara that don't fit me anymore, but aren't maternity shirts, and a stuffed Stitch. (5 things)

This week: 12 things
Total: 81 things

*If you or someone you know is looking for inexpensive maternity clothes, I still have 20 items. You can look through them here, and have whatever you want for $2 for the first item and $1 each for additional items for postage, or free if you come pick them up from me.

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