Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Check In: The Michigan Fun-Times Edition - part 1

As you may have noticed, the blog was silent last week. That is because I was out of town, doing some very fun things in Michigan. Are you ready to hear all about it? Great! Let me just take care of a little blog land housekeeping.

Blog Stuff:
I started my Saturday post! Yay! Are you excited to read it? I am excited to do it. Also, Nerd Wars Tournament 5 is over, so I want to write a blurb about that this week.

New from the babies:
Mara can now point to your eye and say "eye". Gabriel received a remote control tractor from my mom, and he is obsessed.

Crafty Things:
Look for this information when I talk about Nerd Wars later this week.

This coming week, I don't have a plan for what to work on. Hopefully some CAL squares, working on some of the socks I have on the needles, and working on the mystery shawl I started as part of a KAL. (More on the KAL later.)

Now to the main event

My Michigan Trip
An hour later... I got stuck when I went to facebook and looked at all the pictures people had posted from the wedding that I hadn't seen yet. OMFG, my babies are adorable.

I went to Michigan to stand up in my friend Jasmine's wedding. We left our place at 3a.m Thursday, July 23 so we would be at the hall to set up by 9a.m. The drive went pretty well - the babies woke up when we put them in the car, but luckily there was a DVD player and they watched Tangled, then fell asleep to Beauty and the Beast. We made better time than we had planned, so we stopped for breakfast. Once at the hall, we helped set up. I tied most of the sashes on the chairs, and did a bunch of other things. Gabriel put nearly half of the chairs in their places. That took a while. We checked into our hotel, then 20 of us went to Red Lobster to take advantage of endless shrimp. After dinner, us girls got together to get prettified.
 On Friday, we finished setting up the hall, decorated the church, I helped alter several dresses, the ceremony rehearsal happened, and the "rehearsal dinner" (which was a bbq that the entire wedding guest list was invited to) happened. The best part of the day was the fireworks display after dinner. The groom and his brother put on a show that rivaled many 4th of July displays I have seen professionally put on. Highlights include:

  • A guy standing up and taking falling debris to the chest to keep it from hitting the kids behind him (from one of the small pre-show fireworks)
  • A pre-show firework being lit upside down and spitting fireballs at the audience
  • A small fire from falling debris starting in the field and being put out by the groom's step-dad. He walked out to the fire, looked like he was going to stomp it out, realized it was getting too big and whipped off his shirt and smothered it.
  • One of the cinder blocks that was holding the mortars started smoldering after the display was done.

I didn't intend to do this in two posts, but it is after midnight and I need to be in bed. Look for the rest tomorrow.

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