Monday, September 3, 2012

Michigan Fun-Times, Part 2

All right, where did I leave off? Oh, yes: Fireworks.

After the fireworks, Becka and I got a ride home with a couple who I think should be our new best friends. Jasmine, the bride, met one of them, Shaleen, when they worked together at a college book store. They are hilarious. Despite my plans to go to sleep right after we got back to the hotel, we hung out in their room for an hour talking about random things, like gay camping.

Saturday morning, I couldn't sleep, and neither could Becka. I rolled out of bed at 5 30, took a quick shower, then we went to sit in the lobby for a while. About an hour later, we ate breakfast, and an hour after that, we left to get our hair done. (Don't even get me started about how dumb I think it is that I had to pay $45 to get my hair put up in a bun when I could have done the same style myself in less time.)

After that, we walked over to the church and started changing. I went on a mad hunt for baby powder, and most of the girls thought I was being ridiculous when I dusted my legs and back before getting dressed. Once they started dripping sweat (it was 90 outside, and the church did not have a/c), everyone started grabbing the baby powder. 

At 11a, we left to go take pictures at the groom's mother's house. You might notice a few things in the photo below:
One of the groomsmen didn't yet have his tux. Most of the groomsmen were really tall compared to the bridesmaids, even though we were wearing heels. One of the flower girls is missing - Mara decided it was nap time literally 2 minutes before we walked out the door. 

We headed back to the church for lunch.

More baby powder was applied, I did emergency surgery on two dresses, an emergency updo on Becka's wilted curls, and told everyone to touch up their melting makeup. Then we lined up to walk into the wedding.

We started the processional. My partner, Joe, ensured my smiling by counting to let me know when to walk. Everyone looked nice, and Jasmine looked stunning, but my favorite group to watch come down the aisle:
Gabriel, Serenity, Bentley
But wait! Wasn't there supposed to be another flower girl? Oh, yes - there she is. Sitting with her daddy in the back.
The ushers and a mutinous flower girl
 The wedding went smoothly (well, except that the ring bearers may have thrown their pillows a few times). And now, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Freeman!

The reception was great. Jasmine had little goodie bags for the kids to keep them entertained. There was much dancing (Gabriel is a master dancer). If anyone happened to video the mother-son dance, I would love a copy.

Sunday we broke down most of the decorations in an hour. Leftover food and much of the decorations were split between those who showed up to help clean. I walked out with an overflowing bag of fruits and veggies, and two trifle bowls. Then we drove to Mandi's, and Gabriel hung out with his best friend Cecilia.

Mandi and I went to see a comedy show that night, but it was pretty disappointing. I think it would have been much better if the normal MC, my friend Zak, had been there. Unfortunately for me, he was at Burning Man.

Monday I babysat Cecilia since I was just sitting around Mandi's house anyway. My dad picked up me and my kids that evening, and we went to his place. His girlfriend was working, so we didn't see her, but we did have awesome dinner (grilled fish and corn, and marinated tomatoes and cucumber) and the kids had a blast playing in his backyard. He has a wooden playscape, a smaller plastic playscape, a sandbox, a water table, and plenty of grass to run around on, with barn cats to chase.

Tuesday there was more playing in my dad's yard until we headed out to see my grandma. I hadn't seen her since Gabriel was about 9 months old. It was nice to talk with her. We compared crochet/knitting projects. I mentioned that I had learned to spin this summer, and she told me she used to spin a really long time ago. We discussed how fortunate I am that people gave me amazing fiber for free, and she mentioned that she would like to get back to spinning. She has a spindle somewhere. According to my dad, she even used to have a spinning wheel, but she got rid of it some time in the 1970s. sigh

Dad drove me back to Mandi's, and my nephews were back from spending time with their other parents. Mass craziness ensued, and Gabriel ended up with a huge gash under his eye. Cousins are hard on each other.

Wednesday I spent as much time being lazy at Mandi's place as I could. Fortunately for me, both children went down for a nap at the same time, so I got nap time, too. MariLee picked me and the kids up at 10p and we went to her place.

Thursday was busy. The kids woke up at 7 30a, as usual. I put on a movie for them, got dressed, and let them play with legos. Once MariLee got up, we started the process of getting all the legos picked up. This process was hindered by Lillith the kitten thinking legos belonged to her.

After a bit, we took the kids to Scott and Monika, Gabriel's regular babysitters in Michigan. After dropping the kids off, Mer and I picked up the stuff for dinner, then got down to the serious business of the day: nap time. I was woken up by the arrival of our friend Adam, my secret Michigan boyfriend. I was surprised when I saw him because he has lost a ton of weight since I moved to Kentucky. We hung out for a bit, thenAdam took a nap, too. I made dinner - chicken with two different vegetable stir fry dishes and rice. All partakers of dinner were satisfied, and then loved dessert - caramel apple cookies. After dinner, Mer cut my hair.

You can't tell in the photo, but my hair is only 1/4 inch long on the sides and in back. And in a few days it will have teal streaks. Also, that is Adam in the background. 

We picked up the kids then headed over to Mumsey's house, where I taught 3 people (Mumsey, Shay and Tamra) how to make granny squares. Then we went back to Mand's place. It was around 11p, so I immediately fell asleep.

Friday Mandi and I had the hardest time waiting for it to be 4 30p so we could load the kids in the car, drop hers off with my mom, and head to KY. We both decided having to wait the WHOLE day to do something is lame.

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