Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Check in

Hello Sunday! I feel like the past week has been a super-struggle to get back to normal after my Michigan trip. I think maybe I have finally fallen back into my normal routine. I am trying, anyway.

I found out I have been pronouncing the word mauve incorrectly for about two decades. It rhymes with "grove". Why didn't you guys tell me?

Blog Stuff: Nerd Wars post. I said I was going to do it last week, but I didn't. It's kind of good that I didn't, because when I write it this week, I have something awesome to add to it. That is all I am planning, in addition to my regular posts. 

New from the babies: Tomorrow, Gabriel turns 4. I look at him, and I still see this:
About 5 days old
The reality is that he was hitting on one of Steve's friends today. She is 21. Gabriel seems to think age is just a number.
Mara has started answering questions for real now. No longer is "no" the answer to all questions. She appropriately says "yeah" and "no!".

Crafty things: I have not finished anything this week. I got close to finishing a sock; I only have to do the toe. But... I should have that sock and its mate done by next Sunday, and a shawlette, too. And maybe an ami.

In the mail:
I got a lot in the mail this week. Well, I got two packages. But they feel like a lot.

Package 1:
This is the small package. I got two squares, and a set of four stitch markers. I LOVE the stitch markers. I want to make a project that requires stitch markers just so I can use them.

Package 2:
I was part of a bag swap where person a sent to person b, person b sent to person c, etc, and the last person sent to person a. Package 2 I mentioned yesterday went to my person, and from the person ahead of me, I got:
I know you are completely jealous of this gorgeous bag. If it weren't mine, I would be jealous, too. It has two exterior pockets that are the perfect size to hold a skein of sock yarn each. The interior has a divider that has it's own pockets. This makes six sections/pockets on the inside.

The person who sent the package to me is a girl I know from high school. Her name is Michelle. It was really cool to have someone I knew IRL as a partner. She spoiled me rotten. She sent a translucent green folder to hold patterns, 2 skeins of sock yarn that I will be using for me, a skein of bamboo yarn, a set of DPNs, a mini sewing kit, and a plastic organizer that she filled with stitch markers, buttons, and stitch holders. Dukki looked over the bounty with approval.

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