Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Check-In

Hi Sunday! So many good things happen at midnight, I am having a hard time waiting!

Blog Stuff: This owl giveaway week was really fun. I will be closing the giveaway at midnight (or when I wake up, if I fall asleep first). I'll draw names tomorrow, and get in touch with winners. I got a lot of interest for the owls. Stay tuned for more owly goodness.

New from the babies: Gabriel is still potty training. I know *shakes head*. Anyway, today while I was at knitting, he pulled his diaper-thing to the side and peed on the floor by the shoe rack. Steve saw him do it, and was like "Gabriel, what are you doing?!?!??!" Gabriel pointed and said "Look, dog peed." As if we couldn't tell the difference between boy pee and dog pee. I have to admit, when Steve called me and told me I got many strange looks from the other people in the Barnes and Noble cafe because I nearly peed my pants laughing.

Mara has decided she cannot possible be awake without shoes on. First thing when she wakes up, she grabs her shoes and makes me put them on her. I am sure she would sleep in them if I would let her, but they have miniature spikies on the bottom (for advanced grip to prevent clumsy toddlers from dying) which hurt when she kicks. I get kicked a lot when she wakes up with nightmares.

Crafty things:
Nerd Wars starts tomorrow!!! (Which is really only an hour a way right now!!!!) So I was really good, and only started one new project. Other than this Cthulhu and the owls, I only worked on WIPs.

I managed to finish two of them! Both of the pairs of socks I had on the needles are done! This is good, because I need those needles to make two pairs of socks in October for Nerd Wars.

Still no CAL sqaures. I know, I need to work on them. I have been unmotivated for squares, though. I will try to get motivated. And I have a concrete plan for my niece's shirt/dress (dependent on the fabric I end up going with for the base), so that WILL happen this week. I will probably CO some socks tomorrow, too. And maybe the owl my best friend asked me for.

I finished reading "The Waters and the Wild" by Francesca Lia Block. Ah-may-zing! This had her stylist touch that I missed from''Pink Smog". The lines between reality and imagination were blurred in the best possible way. At only 128 pages, it is a super quick read, but worth the time. Yes, I know it is a 7-9 grade reading level book, but I will never stop loving the words that fall out of Block's head. Really, if I could crawl in her head for a week long vacation, I would. Any longer, and I would probably go insane. 

I also finished The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters by Lynne Vogel. A lot of the information went over my head. I think this book will make more sense to me once I actually make a sweater. I don't have yarn to make a sweater yet, but one day...

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