Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is why sewing can't happen

I pulled down my sewing machine today with the intention of getting a lot of sewing done. I had a few things to mend - I started by reattaching a collar to one of Mara's shirts that she just outgrew. I looked at the pair of my shorts that needed to be fixed, but decided I was too lazy to fill a bobbin with black thread, so I pulled down Steve's quilt.

I pinned the blocks to the sashing, and started sewing. Then came the "help". Mara noticed I was sewing first. She climbed up on the chair with me. Not content to sit in my lap, she instead climbed behind me and pushed me forward so she could stand and look over my shoulder. Gabriel noticed I was sewing and wanted to be in charge of the foot pedal. He couldn't reach, so we compromised; he sat in a chair next to mine and pushed down my foot with his.

As you can imagine, this made the whole experience very... enjoyable.

This is what happens every time I sit at my sewing machine.

While I enjoy teaching my kids how to do things, sometimes I just want to do them. Without having to stop every few seconds to explain.

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